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Navaf Ebrahimi
Branch Manager
Huawei Service centre-Axiom Telecom

Dear Paramount team,

I appreciate the quick disposal of my Medical Insurance Claim in a most professional manner without losing time. Your action is worth commending and fastest as compared to other companies.

Your service has been wonderful and quick without concerns.

Thank you very much for the fast response.

Best regards,

Navaf Ebrahim

Fatma Al Balushi
Orient Insurance PJSC

Dear Madam,

This is to inform you that lap. surgery of my wife successfully done and she is discharged from the hospital and is fine. I like to thank all above associate for support, and specially thank Dr. Ashwini Deshpande for her help and outstanding support, really we appreciate her effort during the approval process.



Chris Benex R. Naig
Marsh Emirates Insurance Brokerage L.L.C.

Dear Dr. Ashwini and team,

This is greatly appreciated!

Your assistance is impeccable as usual!

Could not have thanked you more, please do update us on further developments.

Ferdinando Cosme Gomes

Dear Madam,

Thanks for the clarification.

God bless your whole team for the support given to me and you'll will be in my prayers and also pray that you and your families are blessed abundantly.

Thanks once again

Ferdinando Cosme Gomes

Ms. Anita Souza
Jet airways

Dear Team,

I take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the EXCELLLENT session on NUTRITION at both my locations. The employees gave me an amazing feedback. They also mentioned that the doctors and staff used for the wellness counseling were extremely professional and very patient. Please let me know if we can have a repeat at HANGAR as the employees have been calling from morning about this.

Thank u once again for the efforts put in to make this a success.

Mr. Dheeraj Mishra
Senior Manager-Employee Benefits
Almondz Insurance Brokers Private Ltd.

Dear Team,

Here I am writing on behalf of Almondz and TechMBS team in connection with the successful execution of Health Check @your desk.

Initially when we started the task it made us a little uncomfortable but now at the end of task we are definitely in a comfortable position. This would not have been possible without the whole hearted involvement of all stake holders - Team Paramount (Ralston/Clara) ,Team Nanvati (Mrs. Renu and team), Team Almondz (Dr. Tanvi and Renu) and guidance and support from Mr. Milind.

We would like to extend special thanks to Mr. Japan, Dr. Shashank & Dr. Shilpa who conducted one more day camp at Pune location.

:: December 26, 2016 ::
Mr. Alex Daniel
NextCare, UAE
Cashless Facilitation Services

Dear Team,

I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation and thank you all, the entire insurance team for the support.
With your help we were able to get my daughter, Kavitha Mary Alex, Medical Insurance approvals on time and got the medications and surgery she needed. Doctor advised for one month complete bed rest and now she is improving.
On behalf of my daughter,once again i express our special thanks to the entire Insurance Team :- M/s Al Sayegh Insurance Brokers LLC, M/s National Life & General Insurance Co, M/s Next Care and M/s Paramount Healthcare Management Pvt Ltd.

As the year comes to a close, we wish you all a Happy New Year 2017. With the hope that you all will have many blessings in the year to come.

:: August 10, 2016 ::
Reji Thomas
on behalf of Meena Kurian

To all Insurance Team,

By the Grace of God, Operation was success and as per doctors advice, she will be discharged from hospital tomorrow (10th) morning. thank you very much for your cooperation and support.

:: June 27, 2016 ::
Abdul Khaliq FAQOOR
WFP Afghanistan
Kabul Logistics HUB
Allianz World Wide care Customer

Dear Dr. Ashwini,

Thanks to God! My wife returned home yesterday and was healthy. Frankly, it was not that easy for us; especially for my wife, to spend more than six months of sorrow and grief, but your close coordination for providing good facilities gave us the spirit to spend all those hard times well. We did not face any problems during the mentioned period. My special thanks to you and Paramount Healthcare Management team for all the efforts and timely help you provided in my wife’s case. May the Almighty God grant you the reward for this.

According to the doctor’s advice, we will go back to India for re-checkup of my wife after three months and we wait impatiently for you to extend your kind cooperation in future as well. Thanks once again.
:: April 26, 2016 ::
Ms. Chandni Shah
Arab Orient Insurance Co. - Dubai
Broker Relationship Manager

Dear Paramount Team,

Thank you for all your help and support really appreciate. Thank you for your visit too it really made me smile. I am doing much better now.
:: March 16, 2016 ::
Alan Parsons
National Health Insurance Company – Daman
Valued Customer

Dr. Ashwini,

I want to thank you for all your help and assistance in seeking the relevant approvals yesterday. You worked tirelessly and were very patient throughout the long day. It's a credit to your work ethic and conscientious approach.
:: March 16, 2016 ::
Gina A. Secapore
National Health Insurance Company – Daman
Senior Intl. Provider Relations Officer

Dear Nishat,

Greetings from Daman!
We are very happy to know about the excellent customer service given by PHM team to our Daman member – Allan Parsons. Congratulations for the job well done Paramount Healthcare Management team most especially to Dr. Ashwini!

Thank you so much for your full support to Daman and we wish that you would continue to provide an excellent customer service to all our Daman members.

We are highly looking forward to a more fruitful and long term success of business cooperation between Daman and Paramount Healthcare Management (PHM).
:: September 23, 2015 ::
M.H. Alshaya Co. L.L.C.
Payroll Manager- HR Services

What to say! Service at it’s best.. Thank you all- appreciated…

Wish you All and your family – EID MUBARAK…

:: July 29, 2015 ::
Dr. Neeraj Shyam
MetLife, UAE
Evacuation & Repatriation Services

Dear Dr. Urjita,

I am writing this email in a token of appreciation for the efforts expended by you , Dr Ashwini and the team at the Paramount Healthcare Management India, in helping to arrange the transfer of our patient Mahdia Naveed Anjum Shaikh from UAE, United Arab Emirates to the Sterling Hospital in Baroda. From the start, your organization and yourself assisted us in all regards and successfully completed all the preparations necessary for a smooth and speedy transfer across international borders as though MetLife itself was present on scene in India.

Your personal assurance that ‘you would be responsible for the well-being of Mahdia from the moment she landed in India’, went a long way towards assuaging all of our worries regarding the logistics of transfer from the International Airport to the arranged Hospital and focus on the most important aspect of the transfer; Madiha’s personal well-being. We are aware that you and your team have gone beyond the usual obligations in ensuring the timely delivery of service.

:: July 26, 2015 ::
Ms. Huma Ahmed
MetLife, UAE
Evacuation & Repatriation Services

Dear Dr Urjita,

Firstly, I would like to say thank you for all your kindness and support we received during a time of severe distress. When I first called you, I felt a sense of sincerity in your voice and you managed to decrease my stress level by a lot. When we first travelled to India, I didn't know how I would manage talking to the insurance companies and handle the cash and billing department at the hospital whilst taking care of my husband. However, I did not have to handle any of that since you were there to take care of it all. You were available at the oddest times of the day to make sure that we did not have any difficulties during our hospital stay. You supported us like friends/family would and I can't thank you enough for that. I wish I could do something more than e-mail you to repay you for the kindness because words are not enough.

Thank you for everything.

:: June 23, 2015 ::
Mr. Asif Azad
MetLife, UAE
Cashless Facilitation Services

Dear Paramount Team,

I would like to put it in record that your service has been impeccable. It was seamless and time-bound. Sincere thanks to you for all the support.

:: April 10, 2015 ::
Mr. Lakshman Shimoga
AIA Group Limited, Sri Lanka
Cashless Facilitation Services

Hello Everyone,

Good day to you all.

I'm pleased to confirm that the insurance claim payment was made to Monash Health today. I would like to thank everyone involved in this claim process for your cooperation and assistance. Indeed this claim amount has alleviated us from the financial burden to certain extent.

My special thanks to Nayneesh, Sandeep, Venkatesh and others from Paramount Healthcare for ensuring close review of the claim application resulting in a favorable outcome. Thank you for diligently following up with the claim process and assuring prompt service.

:: March 5, 2015 ::
Mr. Krishnan Sundararaman
Axa Gulf, UAE
Cashless Facilitation Services

My wife Umamaheswari was discharged from hospital yesterday and I signed all the documents. Thanks and great job done by Mr. Sandeep and Ms. Shraddha since the day of admission. Once again thanks to your team.

:: January 23, 2015 ::
Capt. Prabhat Pandey
Marine Benefits, Phillipines
Cashless Facilitation Services

Dear team, thank you for the kind and prompt support throughout my wife's hospitalization at Sahara Hospital, Lucknow.

:: November 24, 2014 ::
Mr. Satish Raja
Visa Processing Service Private Ltd., India
Cashless Facilitation Services

Wanted to bring to your notice this was the best health check experience I have had so far. Special thanks to the medical team for their kindness and care.

:: August 5, 2014 ::
Mrs. Kathoke
Marine Benefits, Philippines
Overseas Travel Health Assistance

I wish to thank you and your team for your kind co-operation in getting medical attention whenever asked for. I personally appreciate efforts taken by your team to serve us better while in need. I hope you will show same concern for us in near future and will do your best.

:: May 7, 2014 ::
Mr. Ashish Hajrai
Emirates NBD, UAE
Cashless Facilitation Services

Dear Paramount team, I am really overwhelmed with outstanding service, willingness to help attitude and friendliness provided from the day of admission till the final settlement for my son. All the staff whom I have interacted were really helpful, friendly and ready to provide outstanding service.

I really want to thank entire team and would like to thank specially Dr. Harshda whom I interacted with throughout the process and Sandeep who was so efficient and outstanding in his work that he completed the entire settlement in less than 30 minutes. Please continue your outstanding work.

:: March 10, 2014 ::
Dr. Najia Khan
National General Insurance Company (PSC), UAE
Cashless Facilitation Services

Greetings from NGI!

I would first like to mention and appreciate the excellent coordination provided by your team specially Dr. Urjita and Dr. Ansari which has enabled us to increase the referrals to India as well as Sri Lanka. Members have given a satisfactory opinion for the services and coordination provided by PHM.

It is good to know that you also have presence in Arab countries as many Arab expats in UAE also prefer to receive treatment in their home country.

:: November 7, 2013 ::
Ms. Nazia Khan
MetLife, UAE
Cashless Facilitation Services

I would like to thank you for expediting the insurance process in such a short time and for all the assistance you have provided me with.

:: October 4, 2013 ::
Mr. Sunil Goyal
NextCare, UAE
Cashless Facilitation Services

I really appreciate you and your team for exceptional efforts & timely approval for treatment. Thank you.

:: September 16, 2014 ::
Ms. Sayukta Agarwal
ITGI, India
Overseas Travel Health Assistance Services

Thank you for your assistance. We are planning a trip for my parents in June. We would like to go with you again.

:: July 9, 2013 ::
Mr. Don Gihan Manoj Ratnasekara
HSBC Bank Middle East Limited, Sri Lanka
Cashless Facilitation Services

Today I have resumed to work after my long leave. Thank you very much indeed for taking care of all the formalities of settling the hospital bill. It was indeed an amazing support and service from Paramount Healthcare Lanka (Pvt) ltd. I'm glad to be serviced by you and a big thank you for good work. Job well done!!

:: June 22, 2013 ::
Dr. Sukumara Prakash
Cashless Facilitation Services

Many thanks to you and your team for prompt support. Thank you for the extra step in customer service that you have taken.

:: April 8, 2013 ::
Ms. Delma Dsilva
MetLife, UAE
Cashless Facilitation Services

This note comes to tell you a very big thank you. Both my husband & me are grateful to you and your team for being such a big support in this time of ours. Please let us know if we can be of any help to you anytime in the future. My husband is recovering and will return upon the doctor’s advice. Thank you once again.

:: April 1, 2013 ::
Dr. Kailash Shelke
Max Bupa Health Insurance Company, India
Health Checkup Services

Let me thank each one of you, for putting up a fantastic show. You emerge out to be a winner for the month of December 2012, off all our services partners. You have excelled in anticipatory preparations, planning and execution. Well done!

:: December 31, 2012 ::
Mr. Rahul Bora
Max Bupa Health Insurance Company, India
Health Checkup Services

What a show.

Great Team, Great Work and Great results!

In a short period of time the maturity and responsibility taken by your team makes us proud to have a team like yours to depend on. All the best and keep setting new benchmarks for the coming year and make history by breaking your own limits.

:: July 12, 2012 ::
Mr. Himanshu kaul
SAP, India
Overseas Travel Health Assistance

Really appreciate the efforts in expediting this process and my sincere appreciation for the professionalism and service provided by your team. Thank you once again for your support.

:: March 22, 2011 ::
Mr. Vishal Anand
Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company, India
Health Checkup Services

The said medical check-up of the customer has been conducted successfully. Post check-up, the client has given a thumbs-up on the services extended. I would like to thank you for organizing the medical check-up and coordinating the same with medical center immaculately.

I look forward to similar feedback from other associated customers.

:: January 20, 2011 ::
Dr. Sunil Gala
Claims Investigation Services

We appreciate your effort in identifying fraud and supporting in cracking the case. We look forward for similar support in future.